Collapse all tray elements

Is there a way to collapse all open tray elements at once?

No. But you can hide the entire tray in one click.

Ok. I found that already. It’s better for me to keep the tray visible, but after I’ve opened several elements, I’d like to quickly collapse them all to free up my screen space instead of doing it one at a time. Maybe after I get more proficient I’ll develop a better work flow. I tried the auto-hide feature, but that feels clumsy to me. Thanks for the help.

I prefer to keep the tray open and I don’t worry so much about which inspector windows are open or collapsed. I don’t find it a problem to keep the most used ones open and scroll up and down the tray. I keep the windows I use more frequently toward the top of the tray and never-used ones like Instructor off the tray altogether.

Good suggestions. Thanks again.