Collapse all, expand all, Layout tag menu window:

Please allow us the same functionality in the layout tags window as there is in sketchup where all tags and tag folders can be expanded and collapsed. So far the best workflow I’ve found for representing objects behind is to grab my sketchup viewport scene, make a duplicate, than set every tag to a dashed style, a huge advantage to this too is that I can have that viewport set to vector or hybrid now instead of raster. This way when I overlay the scene viewports it shows what is behind and what is not. In order to set the dashes for each tag on my viewport, I have to manually expand all tags before I can set the lineweights. If I could just expand all quickly this would be much faster… Much faster.

as well as: when you open an skp in SketchUp, remembering what was expanded and what was collapsed. Every time I open an skp, all tag folders are collapsed. I need to expand them all, every time. Thank you.

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