Collada Files crash Photoshop

I received the tech info .SKP TO .PSD Import SketchUp models into Photoshop via the
Collada file format. I tried it out on two versios of Photoshop CC6 and 2015CC in both instances the exported .dae file crashed Photoshop completly. It crashed CC6 first so thinking that the updated 2015 Photoshop was most probably better suited to recognising the format etc I actually bought a copy of Photoshop CC2015 and got the same result. Running on Windows 10. Want gives??

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Apologies, seems the problem was with updating the new version of Photoshop, dont really know what the problem is (CS6 still crashes) but after an update all seems to be smooth sailing.

Hi, Geoffrey
I still have same problems with what you experienced.
Can you help me out if there is some othe tips?

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cc 2015 don’t read collada files from skp