Collaboration with other firms

I (LA) am currently working with an architectural firm on a project and was thinking about asking them for the model of the house they developed to use in our 3D presentation of the landscape. Is it bad practice to ask this? I know firms are touchy about sharing CAD files, but have never heard anything about sketchup models. Thanks!

Although I currently live in Germany, I don’t see anything wrong with you asking for the model. What could be wrong with it? At most they won’t give it to you…

Or is the request penalized in LA?
I am asking this seriously, maybe the professional culture is different from the European one… At least I assumed (and shocked) it if you are asking such questions.


bad practice ? no. if you’re actually collaborating with them, it’s pretty normal to ask them files. and to return the favour.

oh well, they can say no. but (mis)quoting the poet, “you miss 100% shots you don’t take”.
what’s the worst that can happen ? :slight_smile:

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From my personal experience, I will always share the model. When landscapers ask me for it I send it straight away, I only ask that they share their model back with me so I have some cool landscape for reference later.

Here’s the house I drew and the landscapers design. Collaborating is key!


@dezmo @ateliernab @Helvetical thanks for the reassurance! I’m going to reach out and I’ll definitely share the final result!