Collaborating in SU pro 2017 and 2018

I am looking for advice on collaborating on a project in sketch up. I have a 2018 pro license and I am collaborating on a project with someone working in a 2017 pro license. The files are stored in dropbox.
Currently I am doing a save as to 2017. If I forget I to save as and only save, I over write the 2017 copy to 2018 and he can’t open the file. Is there a way to always default to 2017 for this one file?
He does not want to upgrade to 2018 because he would have the same issue with other people still using 2017.
I would appreciate any advice on how to make this work more seamlessly.
Thank you!

There isn’t a native way to always save as an older version. One alternative would be to have your colleague install Eneroth Open Newer Version so they can open your SU2018 files. If they always use that extension to open the files, you could just use Save and not worry about it.

By the way, it’s not a good idea to work on files that are stored on Drop Box. The accepted best workflow would involve downloading the file to your local drive, working on it there and then syncing the saved file back to the cloud.

We will try the extension suggested.
I am curious why we shouldn’t be working directly in dropbox? This is their established workflow and I am trying to work within their set up workflow.

A couple of key reasons. One has to do with auto saves and automatic backup files. SketchUp saves these backup and auto save files to the same directory as the original has been opened from. Connection to the cloud can be slow or interrupted. These things can make the autosaves and backups fail and we’ve even seen a few cases where files have become corrupted and not able to be recovered.

Working on a local copy avoids those issues.

There have been enough reports of problems stemming from users trying to work directly on files that are stored in the cloud that the advice is to not to. I guess you can do it if you like living on the edge. :wink:

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