CNC machine code

Are there any Sketchup links or plug ins to produce machine code (GCode) for CNC Machines (Routers)

Have a look at this list.


I just purchase a small CNC and think that the best way may be Fusion 360. Would like to know what other people are using. The plugins for sketchup that I have looked at seem to be a bit limiting for what I want to do and Fusion 360 is free.

Out of curiosity; which cnc?

Hi Kenny

This is a CNC machine that we have designed and manufactured ourselves. Cost about £100,000 so far. It has 28 axis

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I purchased this one on Amazon
The main reason I got this brand was that there is a very active Facebook group that helps get you going. This company alos seems to have very good customer support. It is very easy to assemble and upgrade. Soon I will be upgrading the spindle and the X axis.
Good Luck

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hi @Derek, do you have an [simple?] example GCode file that uses all 28 axes you can upload…

I doubt there’ll be an off the shelf ruby, but one could possibly be written…

where in the UK are you?


You should check out Fabber.

It simplifies the whole process by lying out pieces and exporting line work. I got a demo and it is a very cool extension.

Hi John

I will have a Gcode file in about a month. I will get back to you then. I am in Balsall Common, Just in Birmingham side of Coventry