Cloud Based Network License Improved/Changed for 2017?



Our organisation used the local network server based license successfully up till Trimble changed the system to a Internet Cloud based model with the 2015 release.
Our IT Dept. refused to open the 2 ports 5053 and 50530 in their corporate security system, so we were scuppered from upgrading further.
Has there been any changes to the licensing model for the 2017 version? I noticed a “corporate” licensing model mentioned, but the help system doesn’t give much, err, help.


No changes that I know of. I haven’t yet the new serial for work so I haven’t tested 2017 yet. We were luckier than you as comes to getting ports opened.



Anssi, thanks for replying.
I doubt whether there is any change or “improvement” for our situation, but I thought it worth asking.


And a warning: If you look in the Knowledge base for instructions about installing network licensing, you will probably get shown this:

It says it applies to version 2017 but the info is totally out of date since version 2015 came out.