Clothworks Pin No Axis

Hi! I installed the clothworks extension about 4 months ago. I have used it a lot to make drapery & pillows. As of today, the pin feature no longer has the axis to move/scrunch fabric. I have a paid license for clothworks, not the free one.

Things I have already tried:

  • Quitting Sketchup
  • Opening a new document
  • Uninstalling Clothworks & Re-installing it

Has anyone had this issues before?

I haven’t had that problem. I was using it yesterday with no trouble. Since it recently changed for you, though, and neither SketchUp nor the Clothworks extension have changed, you need to look at what has. First thing I would do is go to the Nvidia site and get their latest drivers for your graphics card. Install them and do a cold reboot of the computer. See if that changes anything.