Closing an unwanted hole


First, I showed you how to delete those guide lines with Erase tool.

Then I showed you how to select what you want to put in the mirror. You can do it by selecting groups one by one or all at once. I deselect the person and the text, because I had no reason to double them.

And then I have mirrored the selected items. You could use the TIG: Mirror v10.0 plugin, you’ll find it in the Sketchucation PluginStore.

And lo! I did it! Words are not enough to say “thank you”.
I’ll definitely mention you and the group in the publication of the model in my article on the (now lost) marble pier.

One more question: I exported the model as 3D, but what I got is a μTorrent file! How can I make my masterpiece (LOL) public so that you can see it?

For now just a snapshot.

To help you understand what the project is about, here is what remains from the once magnificent pier:

Parakaló! :wink:

You do not have to export it, just upload it as a SKP file in


The guide lines still remain. The eraser does not work on them.

If you click on them and they turn red, just right-click and choose “Unlock”, and then you could use Erase tool…

When I click one line a whole component is selected.

Double-click on that to open the group and try to select only the line to delete.

It worked! Thanks once more.

My new addition to the pier project: the railings. Two components available to join and combine any way one likes. I’m learning rapidly thanks to you.

My project is ready at last! You can find it here:

It’s been a long journey with a happy end, considering that I knew nothing about CAD. Your help was precious and I appreciate it deeply. THANKS A LOT!

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Question: can somebody see it without having installed Sketchup?


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Here I am back again with a more complex model this time.

  1. Something is wrong with the marked part of the roof.
  2. Why some parts are white?
    Thanks in advance

ORPHANAGE.skp (256.6 KB)

The blue faces are all back faces. At this stage of your model you should have only white faces exposed. You have reversed faces due to the way you created the model. Best practice is to stay ahead of the back faces and correct them when they show themselves.