Closing an unwanted hole

Using SU 2017. How can I close this damned hole in the wall? The project is the representation of a non existing now marble pier in Thessaloniki Greece. Thanks in advance.

Here is the whole thing

Screenshots don’t tell us much. Add the actual model and we can see what needs to be done.

Here is the model.

MARBLE PIER.dae (238.8 KB)

One more problem I have is that I can’t form the steps at the marked point.

If you draw a diagonal across the missing faces they will form, but this is because your model is very confused.
You have lots of non planar faces, stray edges and overlapping faces. I could spend hours trying to repair it.
I would recommend starting again and working accurately with the inference engine and making groups and components. Your model is almost all raw geometry and you have somehow either drawn it out of alignment or have accidentally moved things around making things non planar.
I honestly wouldn’t know where to start to describe how to begin repairing it.

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In this stage, it’s easier to redraw from scratch than to try to correct. Use groups and components for building elements, and then assign them to the appropriate layers.

I redrawed your model (half of it) to get you an idea.
pal1.skp (392.3 KB)

Here I’m back again. How can I use the marked surface in pic 1 to form something like the dome in pic 2? Thanks.!

ΑΠΟΒΑΘΡΑ 6.skp (519.0 KB)

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Speechless! Real magic! Thanks a lot.

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Have been missing me? Here I’m back. As I was drawing the door ornaments something happened to the stairs! What can I do?

KIOSK.skp (397.1 KB)

You need to study up on groups and components, See the VIDEO that is part of a series. It may also help if you viewed the first 3 videos of the series.
Groups and components will help to isolate the geometry so the issue you are having will not happen.

To repair only those steps, you can try that:

But you have to take into account RLGL’s advice, and learn to work with groups and components.

Thanks again. RLGL’s advice is wise and that’s what I’m doing all the time. I’m too new with SU for so complex a project, but I’m learning from my mistakes. Thank you very much for your help. I hope I’m not being a burden.

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I am about to finish the Pier project. Now I need to mirror the whole thing but I can’t select all of it. The low walls around the floor stay deselected. I have merged all the layers to the default one but the problem remains. What’s wrong again?

I tried to upload the model with the layers both merged and not merged, but it is not accepted as being too large! Is there another way to send you the model, through We Tranfer, for example?

THANKS again.

PS Also I can’t erase the guide lines.

Thanks as usual, but I don’t understand much (thickhead!) Could you add a short explanation, please? And which tool is this?