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Good evening;
I would like to animate the needles of a watch in a real way what is the best MSphysics or Animator solution. I am attaching the sketchup file, please refer me.

Horloge.skp (276.0 KB)

I don’t know about MSphsycis but I think animator would create that fairly well. I haven’t used it for a while though.

I haven’t looked at the file but make sure each hand is a separate group or component.

I would make a 360 deg rotation (movement) for the big (minute) hand, and set the time of that rotation to say 120 seconds to see a full rotation easily. (I imagine it would be very dull testing in real time)

I would also make a 360 deg rotation (movement) for the small (hour) hand. Of course the timing of this (hour) hand is critical in relation to the (minute) hand to make the clock function properly.

As the clock is divided into 12 hours, the time of the (hour) hand rotation needs to be set at 12x longer than the minute hand to complete it’s rotation.

So in this example, the big (minute) hand is set at 120 seconds per rotation , the small hour hand needs to be set at 1140 seconds per rotation. (An increase of 12x).

What this means is that when the minute hand has completed a full rotation, the hour hand has only completed 1/12th of a rotation and moved from one hour to the next. As would be so for a true clock operation.

However, in a true time scenario the big (minute) hand needs to be set at 3600 seconds per rotation, and the small (hour) hand needs to be set at 43,200 seconds per rotation. (Again 12x increase of the minute hand for the rotation).

This is the first way I thought of doing it with animator, there are probably many other ways/variations too.

With the above steps in mind, I went ahead and tried it with your file using Animator. I moved both hands slightly as they weren’t quite central on the pivot. I also gave them a little thickness and moved them in place above each other.

In the interest of time (ha :wink:), I set the speed of the large hand (minute) to 3 seconds per rotation and the small hand (hour) to 36 second per rotation. The same increase of 12x the large hand duration I suggested above. The gif is a little jerky but when a video is exported from animator the quality is a very smooth animation from previous experience.

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Good evening;
thank you for your help and for taking the time to explain your approach to me, this forum is a mine and a precious help to advance in the sketchup software.

The Animator plugin can be quite intimidating to start off with. It’s probably a good idea to do some homework before jumping in and becoming overwhelmed. Here are some useful links to information on the Animator plugin you might find useful. Once you understand the basics, I think the clock project is a nice starter.

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