Clipping in Sketchup Go

I’m new to Sketchup and run Sketchup Go rather than Pro - a subscription version which runs online and has more limited rendering capabilities. I’ve created a 1.9MB model which suddenly started ‘clipping’ planes in many parts of the model - i.e. planes and objects are sliced at angles. I’ve found advice but this all seems to relate only to Pro which has editing menus which the Go version doesn’t seem to have. The advice recommends reducing the extents of the model but I can’t see how to do that in Go.

Can you share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got? Generally reducing the extents of the model involves moving things closer together and/or closer to the origin. It also commonly involves finding and erasing stray geometry.

Please correct your profile. It currently indicates you are using SketchUp Free.

there is no option in the profile for Sketchup Go - what should I use?

SketchUp Shop.

sorry to be a pain, but I can’t find anywhere to edit
my profile details

Click on the B in the green circle at the top right corner of the forum page. Click on the Preferences icon (person) and then Preferences again (gear icon).

Feel free to share your model so we can help you sort out the clipping, too.

btw, I have discovered that I had mistakenly created a guideline out in space - have deleted it and the clipping has gone away so solved my own problem. Thanks for your help


Done - now listed as Shop