Clines (non infinite guides) do not scale correctly

I’ll have to post this on the bug forum, but this mainly affects developers:

If you run this:
ruby mod = Sketchup.active_model # Open model ent = mod.entities # All entities in model pt1 =,0,0) pt2 =,0,0) pt3 =,10,0) pt4 =,10,0) edges = ent.add_edges pt1, pt2, pt3, pt4, pt1 constline = ent.add_cline pt1, pt3 constline = ent.add_cline pt2, pt4
You get:

But if you select these elements and scale x times 2 to the right, you get:

The clines do not connect to their original end points(???)

I create clines frequently as stand ins for edges, faces, or bounding boxes when performing transforms and inverse transforms. That way I can transform the clines to derive untransformed geometry without worryng about secondary effects on connected entities. Then I usually delete them, but sometimes use them for user feedback.

Now that I see this bug, I’ll have to use only cpoints from now on.

If I group the 2 clines, then they scale correctly.

Am I the first to notice this??

There are known inferencing issues with finite Clines, ie, inferences do not work with them, but do with infinite Clines.

I played around a bit. I confirm.

Finite CLines will not stretch with either the MoveTool nor the ScaleTool.