Click-Window 3D - New Plugin!


Your extension is certainly not traditional (Using a dynamic component as a control panel).

Quite frankly editing your windows is very difficult even for advanced users. Not to mention keeping track of the control panel while navigating the model.
Your windows also don’t cut openings.

Why not use a Web Dialog like most other extensions do? Using dynamic components at the advanced level you are at, is very slow. I started out using dynamic components but soon realized the limitations. It’s much better/faster the redraw the components yourself, using ruby code. 0.05 seconds instead of 1.15 seconds.

Probably the most important reason not to base your extension on dynamic components is because anyone can copy or modify it to please themselves. With ruby code you can prevent that.

Don’t be offended… this is intended to make a point. You obviously spent a lot of time on this extension.

This video should show you what I mean.

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