CleanUp3 Problem

When I activate CleanUp3 the SU window darkens but there is no dialog settings box.

I can right click to close the dialog.

I have reset my workspace, uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin and repaired SU as administrator.

Alt+space>move doesn’t work.

The difference between now and when it was working is that I have a new PC + new monitor and 2 existing monitors (my previous setup was also 3 monitors).

I have gone into Windows display settings but there is not ghost monitor.

Sounds like the dialog is opening ‘off-screen’ - probably because you’ve used multiple monitors ?
You could try editing the preferences file…
Use Notepad++
C:\Users\YOUR_WINDOWS_USERNAME\AppData\Local\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019\SketchUp\PrivatePreferences.json

The folder is hidden by default - but using the path to it in Windows Explorer should open it…

Close SketchUp.
Edit the file and find the entry:

"WebDialog_TT_CleanUp": {
            "Height": 785,
            "Left": 65,
            "Top": 107,
            "Width": 290

Change Top & Left to say 0, save the file and restart SketchUp…
and the dialog should be located top-left on your main-screen ?

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Thanks TIG,

Actually the json file didn’t have the WebDialog_TT_CleanUp entry.

I created the entry and it’s not working.

Went back to the old PC and opened up the json file and it had this code:

“TT_CleanUp”: {
“Erase Duplicate Faces”: “true”,
“Erase Hidden Geometry”: “false”,
“Erase Stray Edges”: “true”,
“Geometry to Layer0”: “false”,
“Ignore Attributes”: “true”,
“Ignore Materials”: “false”,
“Ignore Normals”: “false”,
“Ignore UV”: “true”,
“Merge Coplanar Faces”: “true”,
“Merge Identical Materials”: “false”,
“Purge Unused”: “false”,
“Remove Edge Materials”: “false”,
“Repair Split Edges”: “true”,
“Scope”: ““Local””,
“Show Statistics”: “true”,
“Smooth Edges by Angle”: “0.0”,
“Validate Results”: “false”

I copied into the json file on the new PC and SU just deletes it (I don’t know if that would have helped).

SU is not deleting the WebDialog_TT_CleanUp entry

Reread what I typed.
The entry relating to the dialog starts:

"WebDialog_TT_CleanUp": {

The entry you quoted covers the tool’s saved settings…
The file will contain the entry.

At least it does on mine !

I looked into the Extension Manager and TT_Lib had an invalid signature.

Uninstalled and reinstalled and now it’s working!

Thanks for the help

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As a curious type I went looking for the above mentioned file, found it in the noted location. However the entry mentioned for Cleanup was not in the file. Why? When I went looking I had cleanup open in SU. This is the second time this file has been referenced in the last few days and the entry is not in my .json file. Puzzled by this.

Are you sure you’re looking in

C:\Users\YOUR_WINDOWS_USERNAME\AppData\Local\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019\SketchUp\PrivatePreferences.json

Note that AppData\ Local not Roaming.

I see this:

Yeah I was. It seems that the file output is different if SU is open or closed, my bad.

Did you have it open or closed?

Open at the start.

And it didn’t show? That’s interesting. I have two instances of SketchUp open and see what I showed in my screen shot.

It seems part of the issue is the preview build I am on. See what is next.

Preview build of what? Windows?

My original post on this did clearly say to close SketchUp before editing the file…
If you don’t then even if you see the entry and edit it chances are that SketchUp might reinsert the earlier values it has in its memory, thereby undoing your edit !

So never edit any ‘preferences’ file [or registry] entries while the app is open - the app will probably overwrite what you’ve changed as it closes, using its remembered values…


Yes Windoze, build 19025.1052. It is part of the release schuled for Spring 2020. At this point it is quite stable everything seems to work as far as SU is concerned.