CleanUp3 Floating Tool Bars

Does this extension have a floating tool bar that can be located in the SU top menu?

Thanks for your help …

No toolbars, just a menu item…
You can setup a shortcut, though.

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@MikeWayzovski Thanks. One other question about “Stray Edges”. When I use this option, all the edges are erased. Is there a way to modify (limit) this command?

No, not by a preference setting, I think. What kind of limit do you consider, length? A stray edge is a stray edge, not?

In this imported dwg, when I selected “Stray Edges”, all geometry was erased. When I examined the lines, they appeared to be connected.

“Stray edges” in SketchUp speak, are edges that do not belong to a face. Whether their endpoints coincide with another edge does not matter.

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That explains what happened. There were no faces in the imported dwg, although the line end points coincided. If I traced over one line then a face would appear. I am only using the geometry for reference, so maybe not an issue. Thanks …