Classic License to Paid Subscription

With the new subscribed license I have two queries.

  1. If I update, will the many Ruby scripted plugins still work with the online upgrade and the 2021 licence when it arrives?

  2. Will the updated SketchUp 2020 and then 2021 work with Lumion Pro or will I have to save each model to a compatible version Lumion will allow? I suppose I need to ask Lumion too but would welcome your comments.

I’m ready to update from version 2018 but last time I updated I lost a few of my scripts half way through working on a project…


Neither of those questions are really related to the license type. It doesn’t matter whether the license is Classic or Subscription. SketchUp is still the same.

  1. As has always been the case, each version of SketchUp installs as a separate program on your computer. And as such, each new version will start out without the extensions you installed in your previous version. That means you need to install the extensions for the new version. Best practice is to install all of your extensions fresh from their sources to make sure you have the most up to date versions. Periodically the Ruby scripting language gets updates which requires extension authors to update their extensions. Also some extensions use installers that have to run in order to get the extension installed correctly. For both of those reasons it’s not a good idea to copy the extensions from an older SketchUp version.

  2. You should check with Lumion about the compatibility of the version of Lumion you are using with SU2020. And you’ll have to wait and see if Lumion needs an update to work with 2021. Not sure anyone can answer that yet.

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Dave answered the questions you asked, but to answer a couple of questions you didn’t ask…

If you do go for the migration offer as a way to go from 2018 to 2020 now, and 2021 when it’s released, note that the email you set for the license was your Hotmail one. Be signed in with that address in order to see any discount applied.

For the next two days you have the option to reinstate and renew your existing Classic license. Because you’ve not had support for quite a while, the reinstatement fee would be $120, making the cost right now be $240 to get up to date, and be covered for the next 12 months. In a year from now you could still take the two year migration deal for $240. That would take you through to November 2023 having spent $480.

If you take the migration deal now, and like it enough to renew in two years, that would be $240 + $299. By November 2023 you would have paid $539. The first option has the advantages of being $179 less, and you would come out of it with a permanent 2021 license, should you decide not to continue subscribing.

If you go for the second option there is no hurry, you have until April 3rd 2021 to take the deal, and sometime before then you could have done a 30 day trial of 2020 and 2021, plenty of time to work out the technicalities of keeping extensions and working with Lumion.

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Many thanks.

Hi Colin.

My version of SUP2018 is now beginning to pick up issues and is taking time to process operations. Following yours and Dave’s sound advice, I intended to upgrade but due to work commitments with ridiculously tight deadlines, I’ve been up to the max. The upgrade I could cope with but then to add back in all the ruby scripts, would’ve taken too long when I’ve got clients on my back pressuring me for completed projects. The current project is a £300M project and I’m juggling two others as well to keep clients coming back to me. Each time I have done an upgrade, it’s been a real pain, and taken a lot of my time and angst to re-establish the scripts. Time I don’t have.

Anyway, I can be working on something then after a while it starts giving me issues. if I use the keyboard keys to copy and move, for example, the object moves to the location I want it to go to but then quickly returns back to the original place I’m copying from. A glitch. On 50-80MB files in which AutoCAD files have been imported, operations can get slow. If I import a REVIT a 3D model, it’s very slow going to work on the file. Is it possible to run a repair on the 2018 programme whilst I then upgrade during Xmas? Is there still support for 2018? My PC is high end spec, working on other programmes isn’t an issue but as SUP is my modelling tool, my main work flow is not good at all.

Sorry to be a pain as you’ve already advised but any further advice would be most welcome on my options now.

Many thanks.

Is idlcolourlink one of your email addresses? If it is, you do have a 2021 license.

Returning to the original location sounds like your escape key if triggering.

2018 is now off the list of supported versions, but even if it was on the list, we wouldn’t release an update to 2018 to fix something. If it was still a problem we would fix it in the 2021 version.

Hi Colin. Thanks for the response. idlcolourlink is someone else. Without the fix, what is ‘escape key triggering’?

So my option is to upgrade really. Is there an upgrade cost for existing licensed users or shall I just download as a new user at $299 USD/yr?


Of the people with a Classic license there is one with an email that includes chumleyconstruction (a Gmail address), and another that is a address.

chumleyco license person is using SketchUp 2019, and has a 2020 license available. chumleyconstruction is using 2018 and has a 2019 license available. From your mention of 2018 it sounds like you are chumleyconstruction. Updating to SketchUp 2019 might improve things for you. That upgrade would cost nothing.

If you want to get fully up to date, what I wrote on November 2nd still applies, other than the part about you having two days to do one last Classic license support renewal. You can use your existing 2019 or 2020 license as a way to get a Pro subscription at a 60% discount.

The escape key can be used to cancel the action you have started. Try moving something, and before you click to place the object in the final location, tap the Esc key, and the object will jump back to where it was before. Which means that the symptom you are seeing is as if the escape key appears to have been pressed.

Hi Colin.

The license I have is for my company Chumleys Art using (removed email address). Not aware of or chumleyconstruction, they’re not me. If you need my serial number to verify who I am, please let me know.

I’ll upgrade to 2019 later. I’ll then get the pro subscription upgrade.

Agree what you say about the escape key but it’s not that. I don’t touch it, just do what I’ve always done to copy/move. This is a recent issue. I have to either wait or cancel everything down.

Thanks for the email address. I edited it out so that the address isn’t added to a mailing list by any spammers.

That email address only has a SketchUp 2016 license, you don’t have a 2019 version to upgrade to. I’m curious as to how you were using a 2018 version.

Your 2016 license can still be used to get the 60% discount I mentioned.

This is all very strange Colin. I’ve just opened SketchUp and all is in order. I have a Single Commercial use license. Give me your company email, and I’ll send a snapshot straight form the open software tomorrow. I’ve just downloaded the SUp2019 programme exe prog straight form the software prompt so I’ll upgrade tomorow…

I will send you a direct message, and you can reply to that with details about your existing license.