Clapboard siding

Is there an easy way to cover large panels with actual clapboard siding. Not an image for color printing but a 3D modeling for 3D printing texture. I can draw triangle shapes on the edge and push out the unwanted area, but that will take forever on a large architectural model. Can I make one panel then cut and paste it? How do I control it so it won’t paste over window openings?

I’d consider drawing the profile of the siding up the wall and then use Follow Me to sweep it around a the building. Cut the openings for windows and doors afterward. You could make a siding panel component and put them in place, too.If you’re 3D printing the model, think about how the model needs to be constructed to make it solid for printing.


My FloorGenerator plugin has a clapboard option for vertical faces. Door and window openings are permitted.

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Boy, that’s close to what I need. Unfortunately, I need to 3D print miniatures like 200 times smaller than that. I tried declaring tiny clapboards on my 2x3 inch walls, but nothing showed up. Probably out of range of what the plugin can produce. Plus, my prints are of single wall sections laying flat which are then glued up on the physical model. I’ll keep playing with it and see what happens. Thanks.

Draw the house at full size and scale down after you have the details. Or use the Dave Method.

For something that small, it definitely requires using appropriately size clapboards. Just stand the face up, add the clapboards then lay it back down.

This is good.

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