City Bridge In New York

Hi everybody :slight_smile:

This is a New York scene…
Gary S.

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Hi @garystan,

It seemed you put four spaces in front of your text on the line right after your “Hi everybody :)” because the rest of your message got formated as a code block and this is why your image wasn’t displaying…

If you put 4 spaces before your text, the forum engine will think you are wanting to display indented code instead of text and will put it into a code block:

just like this:

There are four spaces before this line

But this one doesn’t have any spaces in front of it

But this one has four spaces
    and this one has eight saces
The point is that you can put <html> tags in a code <b>block</b>
and they won't be interpreted... Handy to get help debugging in the forums :)

I edited your post so the picture would show up. Like @denisroy mentioned, it was due to all the extra spaces in front of “This is a New York scene…” Next time, skip the spaces :wink:

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Gary S.

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