Circular economy, adaptive reuse, repurposing existing spaces — looking for case study stories

Hi everyone,
I’m on the marketing team here at SketchUp and interested in user stories relating to reuse and repurposing of structures and spaces.

Post-pandemic, there’s a lot of talk about whether to return to the office and a number of companies giving up larger office spaces in favor of supporting a hybrid workforce, i.e. they just don’t need as large of an office any longer. This of course raises some interesting questions about what to do with existing commercial spaces and our newly partially-vacant urban centers. Does this create opportunities to use this space for housing? Are there alternate types of spaces that will more effectively invite people back to city centers? Should we let nature take over certain buildings to increase urban green space? Jk on that last one, but it is a fair question about what makes a destination desirable (green space? fresh air?) and what opportunities exist to continue to use the existing infrastructure.

So, do any of you have experience with repurposing a space or entire building in the past few years, transitioning from office/commercial to a new use type?

We’re looking to write a case study for our blog about a SketchUp user who has recently worked on this type of reuse project. If this sounds like you, please reach out here or send me a message directly. I realize also that it may be a little quick after the pandemic to have already worked on and finished a project like this. If you have previous/related experience with adaptive reuse, I’d still love to hear from you.

Thanks all!