Circle roof

Hello everyone ! I am a new user of Sketchup Pro. For school I need to model a bus stop and I don’t know how to do the roof like this.

If you know how to do it don’t hesitate to reach me !!!

Do you want someone to do your homework for you? Try going to The Learning Center for tips. Scroll down the page to get to the courses.

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Thank you !! How I am suppose to do if I would like someone to do it for me ?

since this is your schoolwork, you should be doing it and not asking someone else to do your schoolwork for you.

Nobody here will do this for you. I will throw you a bone and demonstrate the basics of one potential method. Many here are happy to teach you how to fish, but nobody will give you a fish. Why not give it a try, you might learn something? If you get stuck, we can help.



Thank you so much !!!