Chrome Ext App good for Content Development Cert?

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Does anyone know if the Chrome ext has the capability/depth/power to allow students to get the Content Dev Cert?


Which Chrome ext? (This is the SketchUp forum, a forum dedicated to 3D modeling products from Trimble.)

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assuming you refer to SketchUp Content Development for 3D Warehouse [Certification] and wether the materials are suitable for SketchUp for Schools, running in Chrome [Web Browser], thenā€¦

the basic content on modelling should be usable but the Materials editing portions will not currently work in the SUfS web appā€¦

there is other curriculum materials availableā€¦


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Thank you for the quick reply!

I will pass this along to my admin - thanks so much!

Also, that program was set up in the desktop-age, the lessons and contents refer to extensions and importing a variety of other formats, making it nearly imposibleā€¦

(I remember that, even when I tried to do it only with the native tools, I did use Sandbox, which is a native extension)

They could apply for the certificates in the new campus, though:

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