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CHOOSE YOUR INPUT DEVICE pop up menu continues to pop up in the lower left had corner of the work space, crowding if not obscuring parts of the model. Input device was selected and configured, why does the menu keep popping up? Very annoying.


Hi, this should disappear (and not pop up again) the first time you close the pop up. Is it still appearing for you after you close it?

yes, i close it, gone for a while the pos up again and again.

It’s stored as a cookie, so if you clear your cache, it will re-appear.

I have the same problem with the Choose Device box popping up repeatedly. Please help.

Hey There got the same issue. Everytime I try to zoom in, the window comes up again. Its very annoying. Cant really get the drawing done.
Any ideas?

Can you tell me more about your use case so we can figure out the issue? Are you using trackpad or mouse to zoom? What browser / OS are you using? Do you know if your browser is set to reject all cookies?

This is only supposed to happen once and after you dismiss the pop up (by clicking X) it should disappear.

using magic mouse, latest OSX, Safari, cookies accepted.

The Choose Device popup reappears every time I pan or zoom. I select the x to make it disappear. How can I prevent this from occurring? Very annoying when trying to learn the software.

The Input Device selection dialog should only show one time automatically. It stores a cookie when that happens, so that subsequent times, if the cookie is present, the dialog does not show. If there is anything in your environment clearing cookies, that could cause this problem. The cookie is named INPUT_DEVICE_HELP. Check your cookies in your browser to see if it’s present and set to the value 1 after the dialog pops up.

I’m having the same problem on macOS Big Sur 11.5.2 with Intel HD Graphics 530, 1536 MB. Safari version is 14.1.2.

I checked the cookies set for the sketchup page and I see: “P11_INPUT_DEVICE_HELP” set to 1.