Checked For Updates Now Crashes

Checked for updates, installed updates and now it starts to open my drawing and crashes. Had no problem prior to using the sketchup update tool under help.

The first thing to try is a cold restart of the PC, assuming SketchUp was installed correctly. Please enter the correct information in your profile so a more definitive answer can be suggested.

I did the good old reboot. I uninstalled the entire software and reinstalled as administrator. Everything was fine until I went under help yesterday and checked for an update which it found and installed. Layout opens and works fine. I get the normal splash screen and when I try to even create a new drawing it crashes.

In case it helps, the first upload of 2023.1 had an error in which server it looked for when checking for updates. That was quickly replaced with a version that looks in the right places.

It may be worth downloading the installer again, in the hope you had the initial one. This is a direct link to the installer: