Check out this SketchUp model

I use this stencil every day. I 3D printed it on a MakerBot Replicator 1:

EDIT: You can use it to draw check boxes on a paper ToDo list. I also like to use the straight edge to underline titles and dates.


The latest rapid prototyping technology used to fabricate a device for making paper check lists. Sort of like using carbon fiber composites to make a goat cart.


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I am just re-reading a fascinating book “The Shock of the Old” by David Edgerton that has numerous analogous examples of new and old technology amalgamated. If you replace a goat cart with a bicycle your example suddenly becomes a description of what is actually happening. And making a carbon-fiber rickshaw would be upgrading a technology that is just about as old as the bicycle.

When rapid prototyping matures and becomes more affordable, I would guess that it will be used in Africa to make spare parts to 1970-s and 1980-s Honda cars and Toyota minivans.


And stronger, lighter, faster goat carts.


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Someone’s going to have to design a bionic goat to pull it. I think most biological goats have two speeds: Slow and Stop.


What prompted the design is a recent focus of mine on revisiting older technologies and techniques. I take notes in a paper notebook with a yellow number 2 pencil. I carry a pencil sharpener in my backpack as well. I’ve also been hang drying my clothes: one, to save energy; two, because our dryer doesn’t work very well; three: because I’m drawn to the times when that’s the only method people had to dry clothes.

Well, in that case, I’ll bet there are a lot of goats who are going to be pretty pissed off about having to pull bicycles around all day instead of their new lightweight, high-speed goat carts, which they were just starting to really like.

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Badges, we don’t need no stinking badges.

You hit my hot button right away. My son and I have a MakerBot 2 and are trying to use Sketchup for designing the devices we want to print vs always using the Thingaverse. We have had trouble getting .stl to work. Son using Windows, me using a MacBook Pro. It seems there is at least hope mine will work. Since loading Sketchup 14, i have had some issues with the shortcuts on the large tool set. Tried to write your tech guys, but website not working. Followed instructions on tracing the Apple path. My path different and doesn’t lead to Sketchup 14 or a p.list. I don’t know whether to talk to you or the Apple guys. I liked the idea of the user forum, but not very robust yet. For awhile, I could add shortcuts, put now the machine rejects my efforts.
Thanks for listening. I am not a techno geek, but pretty good at drawing very detailed items tools and solar arrays. Jerry Siegel

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… What is a badge, anyway?[/quote]
And what’s a goat without a badge?

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Don’t keep us in suspense Wo3Dan…
Did the VW Camper make it over the mountains OK this year?

Hi Geo, yes the old VW goat bearely made it over the hills into Lyon. It can do mountains. There it refused to continue and had to be repaired which took the garage exactly one week (spare parts!). By then it was time to head back … two weeks vacation. But it was exciting once again with this 27 years old goat.
Sorry for the late responce. After having changed my user name (from name to Wo3Dan) I couldn’t see my “avatar” (not changed yet, still W) amongst the responders in this thread. Missed it completely. I can see the avatar W in newer threads that I participated in.

Hi Tommy,

Just a small point on the Skp model, when spinning it around i noticed like a softened feature on it as per image…
firstly is that the case or is it got anything to do with sending it to Print 3D?

would be great to hear your advice so im aware when looking at MBOT World

How interesting. No - that’s not an intended part of the design. I’ll investigate…

The larger question is, how did you print this @Tommy? (It’s not a Solid)

STL turns non-solids into solids when creating the “thread.” Solid isn’t always (or usually) important when you’re printing to an additive printer such as the Makerbot Replicator or similar.

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Some printers also do their own checks and correction and I noted in post some time ago SU reporting solid is not necessary for print, was looking at Shapeway +Netfabb then ( A free service they provide).

BTW Jay leno has been making old car parts for his collection for some time jay leno 3 d print - Google Search

Cartoonist Joe Martin, creator of Mister Boffo, ruminates on the vicissitudes of To-Do lists…


My notes from meetings, especially boring ones (are there others?) are usually full of these “enhancements”.