Check if attribute is holding data

I would like to ask if there any snippet or script that allows user to check if custom attributes that need to be filled for export info hold data .
And if not the alert message comes up to tell which component it is?
Thanks fo any help in advance

What kind of components ? Plain or Dynamic ?

Generally, all Entity subclass objects inherit attribute dictionary access methods. See the documentation for the Entity class.

Your request is quite vague. What kind of export ?

We also would like coders to at least make an attempt at solving their programming challenges. If you get stuck then post your snippet here.

Thanks @DanRathbun ,
It is dynamic components.
I have custom made plugin that exports data from my project to csv. Like cabinets and other woodworking stuff.
Before a cabinet’s (parent dc) data can be exported , custom attributes for example “a” “b” “c” have to be filled with text or millimeters or any data and only than the plugin recognizes that the dc is considered as to be included in export.
Sometime the projects gets so big with so many cabinets and esle that i sometime forget to fill out one theese attributes and than the cabinet is missing.
So i need script to check if the attributes a b c of all components in project are filled out or are not missing data.
Unfortunately i am not able to do it myself. As much as i try to learn ruby it just doesn’t get in my head at all.