Changing the school domain

Hi there,

For branding purposes, we want to change our school domain from to on the 14th of June, and all student accounts will change their SSO access accordingly. We want to do this in a transparent way. Is it possible to do that?


Hi @NewtonCollege, thanks for the post. Branding updates can be tricky and data migration is a pain no matter how much you prepare in advance. As SketchUp for Schools never handles student data, we can not help you move your student’s work to a new domain as all that has to be done via whatever program is handling their data, be it Google Drive or something else.

I can however confirm that your old domain is in our database so I can add your new one right now as we have already confirmed your qualifications in the past. By the time this post is live, you will be all set to deploy the app on the new domain if you have not already done so. Just make sure you don’t miss any steps as you do the deployment as an improper deployment can cause problems later on.

Hi. Please add the new domain to your database, and thanks for your support.

Hi again @NewtonCollege, thanks for the post. I can confirm that your domain was added successfully to the database so you should have been good to go already. If you are still seeing an error, it is being caused by something besides our firewall.

If you are still seeing an error, let me know what is says and we can start troubleshooting right away.