Changing the price for extensions in the Extension Warehouse is not instant anymore...Why?

I wanted to lower the price on all my extensions for this holiday and I could not because of the changes made to the new Extension Warehouse. It used to be very easy to change the cost of my plugins and now it takes forever.

Can it be changed back like it was?


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Does it now require you to create a new Draft and go through review again?

Office has been shut down over the holidays so we’re currently backlogged in processing the review queue. It should soon be back to normal.

We’re planning on cleaning up the editing/submission process so that once again only a new RBZ will require a new Draft and Review.


That is good news for me…Thanks!

Another year goes by and I still have to submit an RBZ just to change the price of an extension.


Forcing to submit a new RBZ file just to update the price seems like a bug to me.

I want to edit the price like before where you didn’t need to create a new draft and submit it for evaluation which takes days before we see any changes.

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