Changing the Advanced Attribute field "Size" from within dynamic component functions?

This question might have a simple answer, but I cannot really seem to see it…

Assume (as an example of a use case) a window collection made as a dynamic component. The user can change width and height (and other things) from Component Options dialog.

What I would like to do is to populate the Advanced Attribute “Size” field (in the Entity Info dialog) directly from the logic in the Dynamic Component, such that after the user has chosen width and height from the dialog, the “width x height” information appears in the Size text box in Entity Info.
After this the Size field could be used in reporting, just as for other non-dynamic components.

My problem is that in the Component Attribute dialog the Add Attribute functionality gives me a list of predefined attributes to access (and custom of course),

but Size is not amongst them.
So how could one from the Dynamic Component functions access the Advanced Attribute “Size” field (or “Price” or “URL” for that matter)?

In some documentation I find:

While this is true for non-dynamic components, this is no so for dynamic components. Setting a value in one does not appear to alter the value in another instance of the same Dynamic Component.

Other documentation hints that there is a way to do what I want:

So the question stands: how can I access the Advanced Attribute fields from within Dynamic Components?

Anyone with the answer, please?

You cannot from within Dynamic Components, that’s it.

Why do you wanna use the advanced attributes, if you are using Dynamic Components allready?

From a technical point of view I do not need to use the Advanced Attributes for size or price etc, I can make up my own custom attributes, of course.
However, I was under the impression that it would be natural to use the Advanced Attribute “Size” for size information, “Price” for price information etc. Similar to what I see is used for ordinary components. I thought that is why Advanced Attributes were introduced…
So I believed they would be accessible from Dynamic Components as well.

Wanna read?


Yes, absolutely! Will do. Thanks.