Changing Shadows Time moves Fog distances!

Just install SU 2022. Since when I change the time of the shadows, it moves the fog distances. Bot 0% and 100% knob. Is that a bug?

Update: I just installed JF North Angle Slider.rbz (updated version), and used it. Maybe this has something to do with this?

I still have this bug. It’s been a month and nobody reply so I presume I’m the only one with it.

No, I have the same issue. Also, toggling shadows on and off seems to change fog distances.
I will log it to the bug tracker.

@JoeDrafter, same bug in the Free version,

@colin, @marwanobeidat, (or whoever is on the watch for bugs), changing shadow time and date heavily affects fog distance settings. There should be no connection at all.

(except for maybe some poor locations on earth…)

I see the problem in the web version, and created a bug report (SKIT-4905).

Don’t see the problem in the desktop app, on either Mac or Windows.

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I assure you that the problem happens on my desktop version, win10.

Are you able to make a screen recording, so I can see what steps I must have done differently to you?

Thanks, I see what was different. I modified my bug report notes.

It seems that all versions of SketchUp worked that way, and it may turn out to be intended behavior. Maybe @Mark will remember why it works the way it does.