Changing my models back From Model Tab to producs Tab 3d Warehouse

Hi Guys is Victor from Studiokaza. I’ve recently texted you guys to move our models from the products tab to the model tab at the 3d warehouse. However, I realized that you guys updated the product tab with a new blue ball label mark to facilitate the people to differentiate between models and products; that was an excellent improvement. However, now our models are split for some reason one part at the model tab. Another part to the product tad since you guys have improved that interface is there a way of moving everything again to the same tab can be at the products tab since now it has that new blue ball label.

Victor Zaroni
Studiokaza Miami

This is the SketchUp forum, and I’m not sure where you normally would directly ask for 3D Warehouse help. But, @TheGuz will know.

Hi Victor! I flipped a switch that should make all new models “Products”. For any model that is not showing up properly, you can go to the Edit Model page and toggle the Product indicator seen here: