Changing measurement from metric to imperial

Hi Everyone

I have a quick question I completed a lot of layout plans that I just realised I need them in both metric and imperial and I am wondering do I need to change the dimension on each page or can I apply the change to a whole document .

If I just had 1 or 2 plans this wouldn’t be a problem but I have over 10 . Just wondering if there is a way to change the dimension to every page at one or as I said 1 Page st a time


You must select your dimensions and set them to display metric or imperial dimensions as you wish, or, if you like, you can mix both.

Hi Annsi

Can you only select dimensions 1 page at a time correct ??

You can select the dimensions one page at a time and modify them. It’s easiest if you put all your dimensions in LO on a single layer. You can lock the other layers so you are only selecting and making changes to dimensions.

Thanks Dave

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