Changing GraphPaper grid size



In 3D Warehouse there is a model called GraphPaper that is one dimensional 10" x 10" grid. How can I change the grid to be 20cm x 20cm or other values I might need?


I guess I would have just made it manually since it is such a simple thing. If you really want to resize it, explode the component first. Then draw a line that is 10 inches long somewhere in the model space. Measure that line with the Tape Measure tool clicking at each end. It’ll show as 10 in. Type 20cm and hit Enter. Then click Yes to resizing the model.


Why don’t you get the grid tool extension? It’s grids are parametric - r-click on a drawn grid for option to edit the size.

From inside SU, go to Window > Extension Warehouse to find extensions and manage them.


Or if you want to get really fancy, try TIG’s free Work Plane plugin from the Sketchucation Plugin Store.


Sandbox Tools >> from Scratch allows you to draw a grid…




The GraphPaper model is a Dynamic Component by SketchUp
Read the description and instructions at the 3DWH

“Use the scale tool to stretch this handy grid to be any size.
To use this component, IMPORT through the component browser.”

You can also edit the dynamic component attributes.
Right Context Click on the component > Dynamic Components > Component Attributes
There, you can change the grid pattern, size and unit of measure, e.g. cm


They way I made the grid smaller…After creating it from sandbox, I scaled it down, then did move/copy and build a new grid by stacking them together. Once you have the size you need, select all of the grids and explode them. You can then Select and “smoove” the grid as desired.