Changing External colour schemes


We have designs where we will need to change the colour scheme (7 types) of the facades. What is the best way to do this without having to save 7 different files.

Many thanks


There can be 7 different scenes in one file.

As @ecati said, you can create 7 scenes and adjust layer/geometry visibility for each scene to achieve that.
Check this for more info: Creating Scenes

Is it worth grouping certain walls as componant and then making them dynamic? or is scenes a better way?

I don’t have much experience with dynamic components but that might be slightly harder to setup depending on how you implement.
With scenes, it’s pretty straightforward and easy to use but you can’t expect much other than clicking your scenes.
On the other hand with dynamic components you’ll have more advanced and various options to achieve something similar (such as a ‘drop down’ list of schemes or whatever you imagine).

You can check this topic: Toggle an object’s colour?

With scenes id have to do each colour scheme individually. We have 30 designs each with 5 façade types and then 7 different colour schemes so a total of 1050 options. I wanted to make the rendered component of a façade a dynamic component so I could just set up the colours once then pick the rendered dynamic component and select a colour scheme. Does anyone have experience with this or can see the best way to make this work?


You could make the facade a component and internally only use the default material. Then you could make 6 additional copies of that component and assign individual layers and material to them. Then you can set up scenes that saves only layer visibility, no other properties, and use them to swiftly cycle through the different color options.

By using components this way you can later modify the facade geometry and have those changes applied to all versions and never need to manually copy changes between them.

Not bad but I still have to apply the colour to 1050 facades. I was hoping there was some way to assign a material eg brick, render 1,render 2 as a dynamic component and then a drop down list on what scheme and colour those components are. I can then copy from design to design where I only need to mark up what is brick, render1, render 2 etc. on each of the facades.


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