Changing dynamic component attributes makes it lose its orientation

Hi! When I try to change DC attributes it makes current component lose its orientation. Look at my GIF screenshot. And what is more I’m interesting about if there is a way to show attributes (position) in a full possible accuracy like 0,000000?

I just tested using DC cm
It doesn’t matter if display in “Centimeters” or “End User’s model units” is set (and model units are cm with 6 decimal precision.)

This works …

But this is reset to 3 decimal places …

So it seems the DC code is hard set to 3 decimal places for cm
It will also drop trailing zeros, which I think is usually unwanted.

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ok, I see about showing accuracy results. But what about the problem that component loses its orientation when changing DC attributes as it has been shown on my gif screen record?

Sorry I don’t read Russian. Post the DC .skp file to the original post please.

You need to add another level of nesting to shield the rotation from the model updating the other rotations. A bug created by a change in the current values, unlikely to be fix and requires the work around.
The use of a referenced attribute is another work around rather than direct input