Changing Default BOM Columns/attributes

At the moment I’m having to edit the columns each time I open a new assembly. I would like to change the default columns that appear when I open the BOM for each assembly. I only want the specific columns I need and for them to be in the order I want. Is it possible for me to edit this? Or am I left changing the columns each time? I am using a wisext BOM plugin.

What do you mean by BOM? Generally components allow you to make on change appear on all identical objects.

BOM is a common acronym in construction for “Bill Of Materials”

BOM == Bill Of Materials

Get directly in touch with the author of this ‘Wisext’ BOM extension,
I assume you mean this - 2019 SU2XL ?
They are more likely to know how this toolset actually works…
Because all of its code files are encrypted as RBE we can’t see how it works at all…