Changing a single attribute on several objects at the same time has problems

I have a dynamic component that is a resizable block of wood that I use quite a bit in building 3D models of a building framework. Since I use the same basic dynamic object in a lot of places they are placed in a lot of different orientations. Sometimes I want to select several of them at once and change the value of one attribute. SketchUp lets me select several objects and lets me change something like just the length in the component options dialog box and apply the change. The problem is that some of the objects have attributes besides the length that change. For example if I change the length of both a horizontal and a vertical object at the same time both objects might end up being vertical. It seems like SketchUp is resetting some attributes to match one of the objects. Perhaps it is snapping to the settings of the oldest created object and tries to reset the attributes of any copies of that object that have been manipulated - such as by copying and rotating. The behavior is unpredictable enough that i fine I have to change attributes on only object at a time. Can this issue be fixed?