Changing 2D CAD design to 3D

Dear all,
I have the attached CAD file of a bridge in 2D that I need to turn into 3D so I can put it in another model. I imported it, made it a group, draw a rectangular under it and draped it so it have faces and then I pulled the faces to make it 3d. However, when I use rotate to turn it into the direction I want, it does not move that easily and I am sure there is a simple way to achieve this.

I need it to look like a standing bridge under a road. Like this only in 3D:
Is rotate my only option or should I follow a different process for making this type of drawing to 3d?
Also I do not know why the upper lines in the bridge did not gain a face from the rectangular it was draped on. Thanks.
bridge.skp (452.5 KB)

First thing is that you should probably have started by rotating your 2D imported geometry through 90 degrees so that you are looking at the bridge in the correct set of axes.

Secondly, it would have been wise to make a group of the imported geometry so that it didn’t interact with your 3D geometry.

I am not sure where you expected a face to be created. Looks like you drew a rectangle over the elevation of the piers and then extruded them to give width. What else were you expecting to appear as if by magic?

Is this what you wanted? bridge.skp (338.2 KB)

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Thanks. yes I want it like this. I rotated the imported geometry first now. But then how can I drape it over a rectangular and make faces to pull? I tried rotating the rectangular as well but it does not get draped.

I am not sure what you mean by drape it over a rectangle. Why do you want to do that? Unless you mean something by drape that I am not understanding.

Maybe you mean that you want to drop the 2D geometry onto a larger surface and then extrude from that. You could do it that way but I wouldn’t in this case. I would trace over the lines that were important to create shapes with faces and then extrude them with Push/Pull.

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If you do want to transfer the imported 2D to a flat plane, you could try using Eneroth’s Flatten to Plane from the Extension Warehouse.

Yes I thought I need to do drape in order to make it have faces. I try your solution now. Thanks again