Changes to Sketchup 2017 when downloaded to new computer in September 2021

I’ve been using Sketchup 2017 since downloading it in that year but have since purchased a new MacBook Pro, have re-downloaded the 2017 version but there are some features missing? It appears that I used to be able to use 2017 on the old Mac and had been able to “select edges only” when making large selection of faces but this has disappeared. Has this been removed so as to force an update to the purchased version or is this my new operating system at fault? It seems the latter unlikely so would assume this may be to force the “hobbyist” to purchase Sketchup?

That would be from an extension. It was not a native feature. Probably from Selection Toys. It was not a native feature that has been removed.

Keep in mind that the 3D Warehouse only supports the most current three versions of SketchUp so it no longer supports SU2018 or 2017.

That sounds like a plug-in (aka extension) you had installed on your previous computer that you haven’t reinstalled on your new machine. It was never a native option.

V2017 itself hasn’t been changed since the final minor bugfix update in early 2018.

It was quite possibly ThomThom’s Selection Toys (though other plugins may offer a similarly named feature I know that his shows that option.)

PS. As usual, Dave has already answered while I was still typing!

Yes, all correct of course - duh! Had forgotten everything I had previously installed. Thanks to all for the help.