Change the dimensions of the component


I have a component consisting of four groups - frames with a fixed width 80mm in the form of a trapezium (Figure 1). When increasing the size of the component angels of trapezoid elements are chaneged (Figure 2). After changing the dimensions of the component would like to get a component as shown in Figure 3. Do you have any idea how to do it witchout scripts in ruby?
Thank you in advance for your help


If you have the PRO version, you can create a dynamic component for this. You’ll find this Basecamp video with Eric helpful for this…


For a dynamic component, you will have to create the frame from 8 parts: four corner pieces and four pieces for the sides. The connecting lines can be hidden to preserve the correct appearance.



I did that, and it works. Thenk you very much.



For extra credit - and a great learning experience, try doing it with only 3 components - using the COPIES predefined attribute, then using COPY in formulas for: A corner - with 3 copies that change location and rotation, 1 side - with 1 copy (moved and rotated) to create the opposite side, and another side, again with 1 copy (again moved and rotated) to create the opposite side.

I just finished trying to do something similar in order to teach myself about COPY and how to use it. I learned HEAPS about dynamic components while doing it!