Change spacing between list and text


Is there any way to change the spacing between the list and the text? Right now it looks something like this:

1. _____ Waterproof membrane

Ignore the horizontal line and pretend its blank space as I can’t get it to format correctly on this forum. This is layouts default for the list and its horrible. Is there a way to change it so it looks like this:

1. Waterproof membrane

Could you share a sample LayOut file that shows this so we can see your exact setup?

test.layout (7.2 KB)
Here is a file that presents this issue. The gab between the numbering and the text is about 1cm wide which is way too much.

I see. It’s the tab width you want to change. At this time I don’t think there’s a way to do that but you could use a table, instead. Or you could make list in something like Word and save it as a RTF file which can be inserted into LO.

Currently there are limited editing options for straight text boxes in LO.

Here I made a table in LO and adjusted the column widths as appropriate. Then, at the bottom, I turned off Stroke in the Shape Style window.

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This should work, thank you.

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