Change scene, doesn't seem to work


I am a nubie, i have block facing north, have a block facing south, a cannon in the middle, i point the cannon facing north, do update, set to scene 1, add a new scene, move cannon to face south, update, scene 2, ok fine, i then play the scenes, the cannon is facing south…

it’s like the cannon is stuck on an axis, but then i am a nubie

thanks in advance for your help

i have 2015 pro


Scene properties do not affect the model itself. When you save a scene, you’re merely saving a view state–a particular way of looking at the model with a particular set of display attributes turned on. You are not saving a state of the model itself: at any point in time, the model is oriented a certain way (that is, the last way you turned it), and that’s how it will look in every scene.

But fear not: there is a way to do what you want.

  • Make the cannon a component
  • Make a copy of the cannon
  • Face one copy of the cannon toward the north and one toward the south. Superimposed, if you wish.
  • Put the one facing north on a layer named North and the one facing south on a layer named South
  • Make two scenes: Face North and Face South. Face North turns on layer North and turns off layer South. Face South does the opposite.



Thanks Gully, right now I am trying to get boxes that have different colors on them to pop up

Scene 1 layer 0 box is red

Scene 2 layer 1 box is blue.

Even though I update the scenes, in some cases I get both boxes?? I’ll keep trying

I have checked on both boxes scenes –scene manager visible layers. It is working however…


Jack g


“Layer0” is special !

All scenes need to have “Layer0” Visible.
All primitives (edges, faces, curves, arccurves,) need to be assigned to “Layer0”.

Make a group of one box. Paint the box red. Add a “Red” layer. Assign the red group to layer "Red."
Make a group of another box. Paint the box blue. Add a “Blue” layer. Assign the blue group to layer “Blue.”

Create a new scene. Set “Blue” layer OFF. Update scene with all properties checked.

Create a new scene. Set “Blue” layer ON. Set “Red” layer OFF. Update scene with all properties checked.


Big Thanks to you and everybody at SU forum for helping me.

Hope you don’t mind, I’m going to go in a very linier fashion, with your help,

Here goes////

In layer0 I have a red box as a group

In layer0 I have a blue box as a group.

Make a group of one box. Paint the box red. Add a “Red” layer. Assign the red group to layer “Red.” I did this
Make a group of another box. Paint the box blue. Add a “Blue” layer. Assign the blue group to layer "Blue I did this

Yes – no


“Yes-no” What ?

Describe more clearly please.


Why not upload your file so that folks can directly respond to your effort? Your verbal description makes it difficult to fully understand what issues you are experiencing.



Assigned a red box to layer red box

Assigned a blue box to layer blue box

So far ok

Made the corresponding scenes, for red and blue box

Have the layer manager open,

What I want is to have the red box pop up during play, then the blue pop up

When I play my animation

I see the red box pop up, the check mark in the layers is check

When it shifts to blue, I also get the red box, the red stays there all the time.

In animation, the scenes click on and off, in layers the check boxes switch,

It’s working, pretty cool I might add, if possible, just to get individual boxes per scene, the box is ‘staying’ in all scenes, the blue box is going in and out, that works, not the red box.?

Thanks for your help



Post the SKP and we’ll have a look.


I appreciate the help, I don’t mean to be a bother to anyone, I am a newbie, trying to learn to be able to work from home.

There is so much to learn,


Jack g

I am running SU pro 2015 on a 64bit Dell machine

Also might you tell me what books or sites would be helpful to me, would be much appreciated.




The images you posted do not provide as much info as would your original skp file. Several times you were asked to upload the model. Do that and help the folks who are online to help you. By not providing the additional data, you are defeating your own purpose.


Is this what you want?

Jack g
file for help.skp (83.1 KB)


OK I had a look. You did not follow my instructions.

The blue box is a component not a group. You painted ALL the faces, instead of painting the group once, as I told you to.

The red box is all primitives, and not a group. Again you painted ALL the faces instead of the group.

The blue component instance is on “Layer0” NOT on layer “blue”.

The red primitives are all on “Layer0”.

I am not going fix it for you. I am too busy today. Erase all geometry, and start again following my previous instructions.


Thanks Dan, I’ll start it again.



Look at the resource locations shown below to start with:

SketchUp Sage Resource recommendations:

(This is an exhaustive compilation…don’t be intimidated by its enormity, review it selectively and choose those materials you feel can help the most. Everything contained here offers much insight into using SU!)

SketchUp Intro Videos:

a link to the 3dVinci site which features the educational materials of Bonnie Roskes, a SU user and author who has my respect.


THANKS, I’ll be busy for some time, learning


Hi Dan, after many hours, really, about 4, I got this scene/layer concept to work.

Thank you very much for helping me. The concept I want to work on is called a zoetrope, from the late 1890s.

Really appreciate your laying out the steps for me.

Jack G