Change File location to mapped drive

I have deployed Sketchup make 2016 to my domain via MSI but when I run it as a student I get an error for the file locations for

They point to the server share rather than the mapped drive the student sees. e.g \servername\share\year\student username rather than H:
How do I change this for all users with the MSI?


Just FYI, only “Classifications”, “Plugins” and the gems folder (either “Gems” or “Gems64”,) … have been migrated into the user’s %AppData% path.

The others (as you mentioned, along with the “Resources/<locale>/Templates” folder) are still in the “%ProgramFiles%/SketchUp/SketchUp 2016” path. Everyone will need read permissions there. And write permissions for the templates folder, at the very least.
Users may also hit permission denied errors if they attempt to save materials, components or styles into the program path folders. (Users should set up private resource folders in their profile path somewhere, usually beneath their “Documents” folder.)