Change colour of Advanced Camera Tools font

Is there any way to change the colour of the data displayed for Advanced Camera Tools?


It seems you can’t. But you can hide this data, and easily copy paste the values you need out of it by right clicking > edit camera and add the text outside sketchup (or in layout).

Best way would be to save a banner you can re-use in your exports so that you’d only have the values to type in or paste - all this with the colors / fonts you want !

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That’s a good idea, thanks Paul.

Could you give us a screenshot of what you are wanting to change.

Sure. In this shot, there ends up being a dark object behind the data (bottom left) making it difficult to see. I sometimes use quick grabs like this to show my production designer or director what the shot might look like. Having the data is useful for them (and me) to see in one quick jpg. I would prefer to not have to add another step to creating the document, but if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

What a totally unforeseeable feature request…

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Another workaround is to create an Always Face Camera backer component that you drop when you are ready to capture your shot (and then re-enter ACT). *edit to revise from opaque white to translucent, as a classier option.

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