Change Axis of the Smoove Tool?


I’m working on modeling a hillside terrain, and I’d like to use the smoove tool to push/pull my mesh in another direction other than the z-axis which it seems it’s permanently aligned to.

Just wondering if there is a way to modify the direction of travel which can happen with this tool. . . and if not, what would be the best replacement for it. OR, perhaps there’s a better way to approach this kind of lateral modeling??

Thomthoms Vertex tools is a very good tool for this. Not free but cheap for a powerful tool.

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Yes, the ‘Smoove’ tool moves along the systems Z axis, … unless you hold down [ Shift] just before and during applying the tool.
With [ Shift] the tool changes the direction of the ‘Smoove’ tool:

    1. along the normal of two triangular faces with a shared hidden diagonal in their four sided shape (coplanar faces!) (=in fact following the rule as mentioned in next situation).
    1. or along the mitter line of two adjacent faces when applying it on any edge’s midpoint.
    1. or along the shared “mitter” line of all the faces around vertex when applying the tool on that vertex.
      In all these cases you can pre-construct this direction to see it actually happening as described.

Or you need to rotate the entire tin so the desired direction is along systems Z axis. But this is obvious.


Yes you are right about shift moving things in another direction, but it is very limited.

I would say limited, not as “very limited” as you may think.
The smooved area determined by the radius is controled in a horizontal plane. That you can’t change.
But the direction of smooving this area isn’t limited by the faces around the vertex in the middle of the smooved area. You do have complete controle over the direction you “drag” the geometry.
So if you know the desired direction, then that’s what you can achieve.
I assume Thomthom’s vertex tool set must be way more advanced. But I just wanted to share this basic option.anyway.

Also turn on Hidden Geometry and use the Scale tool on pre-selected items. I have used that in addition to Smoove + Shift. The Move tool also will work with pre-selected geometry.