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I don’t see a sixth comment by you.

So it was as relevant as your response.

Box, I’m not trying to into an argument with you or anyone. I posted what I did for those who work at SU only. It’s simply a feature request that I would find very useful. My apologies if I somehow offended you. It was not my intent.

Ok, but if someone asks for a model to help you and you say, see my second response and there is no model…

I get that. Taking the time to create a model to explain what I’m talking about is just not something I have time to do at the moment. I explained this in my second response. Yes, I agree that having a picture is always better than many words. I’ll try to put something together in the future, but just can’t right now. Thank you for your efforts to help. I do appreciate it.

And we do? Sorry but it’s you that wants help. not us that want something to do.
Looking back through the thread a whole bunch of people have invested time into your feature request in an attempt to understand what you are asking for. But you don’t have the time to give us an …

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And yes, that’s the whole point. If we (all members on a public forum) don’t understand, there is a fair chance people in the SketchUp team reading forum posts and reviewing OP’s (@ksarch_CDG_TSA_2) request won’t either. We (or at least I do) take the time to chew on your (OP’s) request to make it clearer and easier to swallow.

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Well I’m not an architect but I do do for a living what an architect does…

Read and re-read the thread several times and I don’t quite understand - at least from what I do understand, I don’t see (yet) how this axes situation would arise in any project of mine.

I think @RTCool pretty much explained it. It’s about editing those object where it isn’t clear where the axes ‘should be’ (pentagons, wings, basically every shape that isn’t a cube) and you don’t want to set the axes everytime when editing. (by scene or manually):

When designing, you don’t think as a modeller all the time. You don’t want to wait for inferences or set the axes all the time.

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Once inside a group one can by right-clicking the drawing axis symbol ( or by a set keyboard shortcut) reset the drawing axes to world. That will not and should not change the axis definition for the group. Once inside a group the drawing axes default to the group axis, and can be temporarily changed to any axes defined from other scenes. To get back to the axis defined by the group one would exit it and re-enter. Would not want it any other way.

No need to constantly edit the axis definition of the group ( the small red green-blue) If you do have a direction you use often, in any group, you would want to store that direction, and to a scene. There cannot be two axis definitions for a single group.

Maybe Mike, maybe. We are all guessing what OP (and @RTCool) has in mind. It doesn’t look like your description though.

Hi Kendall, I’m also a sole practitioner architect, currently using two projects to switch from SU+Acad to SU+LO.

I’ll second the request for a more robust way to manage and move between coordinate systems, and add it to requests for some other (seemingly very simple and powerful) missing controls, like the ability to turn off inferencing, or lock cursor movement to a single plane.

I’ve been working on a house with three geometries and have dealt with this issue by having groups within groups, then finding ways to hide unwanted edges, but some objects just simply have to span geometries and even just for those parts it is a pain in the *** - a lot of mouse trips over to click and then click yet again on the scene I have set for each geometry, and VERY careful inferencing of local edges, and I still get some accidentally messed-up geometry, especially when working on something small, so I feel your pain.

Thanks Ryan!

That’s another thing I’m used to having in PowerCADD. I do use it quite a bit, and keep wishing for it in SU.