Challenge for the most expert Sketchup User! Drape Tool

Challenge for the most expert SketchUp user: Drape the imported AutoCAD lines onto the flat face. I’ve tried everything, lets see if you can do it. tk-base.skp (492.3 KB)

Easiest way, SuperDrape plugin. Group your layers, that should help drape with sandbox a bit better. Also, I’d suggest using an extension on your lines so you can see (easily) the open ends. The reason why the drape isn’t performing well is that your lines are open. Close them up, and you’ll have something good to go! SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation tk-base_cuts.skp (489.9 KB)

I looked at this when you first posted it and it seemed to me you needed a better import of the original cad file.

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