Chain link disappear after copy

upload chain.skp (901.1 KB)

When I added component and wanted to copy a single link from the component to make the chain longer, the link disappears. I select the link in component, then I select move tool, pressing ctrl+click and drag to place is. After mouse button is realeased the link disappeared. How to make or display it as a part of the component?

Sounds like the chain and its links are dynamic components. IF the author created it so its length can be modified, you would need to do it through the Dynamic Components window or perhaps with the Scale tool. It depends upon how the author made it.

amended to show links, saved as a component

chain.skp (522.9 KB)

Seems like I dont have Dynamic Components window and I cannot open the link file on SU8 or SU14

saved in a SU8 file
chain.skp (279.8 KB)

I got message this is saved in SU17

chain.skp (279.8 KB)

sorry, next try

Sorry I was busy. Now I opened and the message is still the same version. Try save it under different name like chain.v8.skp. Just to make sure.

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