CFileException 10 while opening SketchUp

CFile Exception 10 error comes while opening a file…

I have found a solution here someone said to open skb file…

but i don’t have .skb file (backup file)…

Please help me someone…

Where was the file saved? According to Microsoft documents, CFileException 10 means a hardware error during I/O!

Is the file stored in some cloud storage?

It’s saved on a drive…

No it isn’t saved on cloud storage… @Anssi

What’s the solution for that hardware error @slbaumgartner ?

The error was trapped by Windows and SketchUp just reported it, so you’ll have to figure out what is happening via Windows.

Is the issue just with the one file? That is, can you access other files on that disk? If so, the error suggests that the file unfortunately happened to land at a place on the disk that has developed an unrecoverable flaw. You could try copying it to another folder or better another disk using Windows Explorer and see whether the copy attempt also leads to an error. If the copy succeeds, try opening the copy instead of the original. But if it also fails it is most likely not possible to recover the file intact.

for documentation:

• CFileException::none 0: No error occurred.
• CFileException::genericException 1: An unspecified error occurred.
• CFileException::fileNotFound 2: The file could not be located.
• CFileException::badPath 3: All or part of the path is invalid.
• CFileException::tooManyOpenFiles 4: The permitted number of open files was exceeded.
• CFileException::accessDenied 5: The file could not be accessed.
• CFileException::invalidFile 6: There was an attempt to use an invalid file handle.
• CFileException::removeCurrentDir 7: The current working directory cannot be removed.
• CFileException::directoryFull 8: There are no more directory entries.
• CFileException::badSeek 9: There was an error trying to set the file pointer.
• CFileException::hardIO 10: There was a hardware error.
• CFileException::sharingViolation 11: SHARE.EXE was not loaded, or a shared region was locked.
• CFileException::lockViolation 12: There was an attempt to lock a region that was already locked.
• CFileException::diskFull 14: The disk is full.
• CFileException::endOfFile 15: The end of file was reached.

Source: Microsoft Docs - Visual Studio 2017

You can use automatically created backup file *.skb. Only open it and save as new *.skp file