Certain fonts in Layout (ex. Graphite Std) not responding to anchoring buttons, in dimensions text box

I am having trouble with positioning the text inside the box when using the dimension tool in Layout. Example: font is Graphite Std. I cannot adjust the anchoring, it sits only at the top of the box. Selecting Anchor Centre or Anchor Bottom does nothing. This is an issue as in this way the dims text sits too far away from the line when I place it above the line (compared to just right when placing below), and this longer distance could be confusing when there are other dims close by. If I try to just move the box closer to the line, it ends up covering the line. I am also not able resize the box.

Any ideas how to work around this (short of using a different font - though some other fonts have the same issue; I need this type of architectural lettering font…) Thanks for any suggestions!